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July 1, 2010

Old Newark maps added

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26 old maps of Newark donated from the Newark Public Library’s New Jersey Information Room have been added to the DANA


April 7, 2010

Atlas of Newark, Vols. 1 & 2

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Atlas of Newark, Volumes 1 & 2 from 1911 and 1912 respectively, are now posted to the DANA, thanks to the generousity of the Newark Public Library. Find them on the “Maps” page

March 26, 2010

Atlas of Newark and New Jersey (1889)

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Courtesy of the Newark Public Library, this 1889 work is now posted on the DANA at

March 25, 2010

Robinson’s Atlas vol. 3 of 1927 now available

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From the collection of the Newark Public Library

March 18, 2010

Newark Sanborn map, Vol. 5 is now available

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As promised, recently digitized volume 5 of Insurance Maps of Newark, New Jersey (New York: Sanborn map company, 1931) is now linked from the maps collection or you may access it here

March 4, 2010

Newark Sanborn map now available online

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Insurance maps of Newark, New Jersey, Vol. 4 (New York: Sanborn Map Company, 1931), from the Littman Library Rare Book collection, has been digitized and is now available in the DANA maps collection at . The rest of the Sanborn map volumes from 1931 will be posted online as the scanning of each is completed.

February 17, 2010

New Collection added to the DANA

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The Newark Public Library graciously agreed to lend their archives for the National Register of Historic Places Inventory, which contains the documentation for numerous Newark Landmarks. The digitization of these documents has begun and they are accessible from We will continue to add to this collection until all documents from the NPL are digitized.

Additionally, we have added a link from Princeton University’s Rare Books and Special Collections page where partial digitized Sanborn maps of New Jersey, many of which are from Newark’s Essex County, can be accessed freely. This collection can be linked from the maps page at

December 23, 2009

Work submitted by NJIT COaD students recently added to DANA

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Newark Waterfront master plan video on YouTube and final presentation, as well as the Newark Visitors Center Competition were submitted by NJIT College of Architecture and Design students Tim Rupp, James Chororos, and Matt Collura

New developments to the DANA: Architects, Buildings, and Public Spaces

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The  Digital Archive of Newark Architecture is growing rapidly as we continue to add content in the form of new articles, e-books, and government documents. We are now in the process of creating three new pages in the  DANA. “Architects” and “Buildings”, are now available, and the other page, “Public Spaces” will soon be an active link. Feel free to check them out at . If  you have material you would like to contribute that is related to Newark architects, buildings or public spaces in Newark, please contact Maya Gervits at or Jessica O’Donnell at Credit will be given to contributors for any submissions. Thanks for your participation!

February 27, 2008

Same River Twice

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This post comes from Zemin Zhang, at the blog The Daily Newarker:

Upon those who step into the same rivers, different and again different waters flow.

– Heraclitus

Last Sunday, I went to the Grove Street Cemetery to look for the resting place of Louis Danzig. With a cemetery administrator’s instructions, I found only five, perhaps unrelated, Danzig’s. However, I was captured by the aura of hundreds of past Jewish lives, with downtown Newark in the distance under the dim winter sun. I could hear Louis Danzig (“Lou” to his friends), a visionary who died in 1982, telling his dreams, sorrows, and regrets in his life-long battle for Newark’s revitalization.

In 1911, Harry and Rebecca Danzig brought three-year-old Louis to Newark from Lithuania. Starting from Oriental Street at the northern edge of the thriving city, America was a dream of democratic socialism for the Danzig family and thousands of Jews who escaped from the oppressive Tsar and the Old World discrimination. Their countryman Abraham Cahan founded Forward, the most popular Yiddish newspaper newspaper with the motto: Workers all Over the World Unite. Graduating from Central High and New Jersey Law School, Louis started  his legal practice in 1930. In the evenings, he went to Columbia and NYU to study housing issues, his life-long passion. More

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